About Us

Where Ancient Wisdom Meets
Modern Knowledge for
Optimal Personal Potential

phoenixPrisca Sensa is a blending of my years of nursing, medical, holistic health, business, metaphysical and spiritual work all to help others transform themselves and step into who they’ve always wanted to be.

Prisca Sensa means Ancient Teachings. The Phoenix rising is symbolic of transformation rebirth, into the new you. That is what Prisca Sensa is all about. Finding the person you always were inside all along, but now better.

Piroska BataLet me help you become a new reborn transformed you, better stronger, more balanced and centered. You have all the knowledge and wisdom within you, let’s tap into it. Let me show you how brilliant, beautiful and capable you are. With grace, a sense a humor and a good dose of simple truth I will, I can, I am able to facilitate you to become the optimal bright being you always have been.

Lets walk together into a bright, wise and loving future to manifest your outstanding new you!



Piroska Bata

Founder, Prisca Sensa