Rita Omo-Igbinomwanhia RPN
Rita Omo-Igbinomwanhia RPN Graduate, Seneca College, Practical Nursing Program 2013

One of my most outstanding experience during my clinical placements as a student was under Piroska Bata as my clinical instructor at Credit Valley Hospital. From the first day of placement, we hit the ground running. She fished out learning avenues and countless opportunity for my peers and I to experience and acquire hands-on skills. I remember the first catheterization I ever performed was with Piroska Bata, I was so afraid, and she said to me “Rita, you can do this.” She guided me with clear, precise instructions, and patiently waited until the procedure was done. I felt secured and confident because of those simple words. She was a passionate instructor, vibrant and current with nursing knowledge and ever ready to answer questions from her students and fellow nurses.

Furthermore, she went on to prove that nursing is not just about needles and syringes.  I truly experienced what holistic care meant in nursing with her. I came into the unit one afternoon feeling stressed and burned out from school work and some personal issues. She could sense right away that something was not right with me. She asked during break if would like to be hypnotized to help relief my stress. I said yes, and believe me, it is one of the most beautiful and priceless mind journeys I have ever travelled on in my entire life.

I am delighted to say if the opportunity ever arises again for me to work with Piroska Bata, I will jump at it! Not only for her vivacious personality and smile that lights up any room, but also for her undisputable wealth of knowledge and passion for nurturing her students and patients. I will ever remain grateful that I crossed paths with her, for you only meet people like her once in every dynasty.

Allison Patterson BScN, RN Graduate, York University, April 2013

I am pleased to say that having Piroska as my mentor was one of the most amazing experiences in my education. She helped me realize what my true passion was within the nursing profession (Labour and Delivery) and was able to coach me and give me advice on how to get where I wanted to be. I am sure that any person that has the chance to work with, learn from and be mentored by this passionate teacher/mentor will have a great learning experience that will open their eyes to new possibilities and knowledge.

Brian Walsh B.Sc

I have known Piroska for over 4 years as part of my studies in hypnosis and Neuro-semantic programming with the NO Y-ian Institute. Piroska has been the Chair and has demonstrated to be a very accomplished NLP practitioner and NSP practitioner/hypnotist. She has devoted many years to mastering these skills; she has repeatedly and consistently demonstrated her depth of knowledge with effortless use of these skills. As part of our studies I had the opportunity to be hypnotized by Piroska using various techniques with great success. She is kind, compassionate and diligent in creating comfortable environment for her clients to achieve best results. Piroska incorporates these with her teaching and nursing skills to add greater depth to helping others. Her great passion and enthusiasm for her work is both inspiring and contagious. I am happy to recommend Piroska as one of the best in these areas.

Theresa Seguban BScN, RN
Theresa Seguban BScN, RN Student, Ryerson University

Having Piroska as one of the instructor at the Nurses Education Inc. (NEI) during my CRNE prep course back in September 2013, has been a great experience for me as a new grad. Her teaching skills provided a different approach in my learning as she incorporates her various expertise through story telling based on real life case scenarios, her enthusiastic attitude added to my engagement into own learning experience and as well as her ability to adapt to every individuals learning needs. She is not only knowledgeable when it comes to sharing her nursing practice but is also a very open minded individual with a great sense of humour to her students. Overall, I had a wonderful time during Piroska’s teaching during my CRNE prep course.

Terry Oliver
Terry Oliver Owner, Close Quarter Academy

Piroska has a gift for relating to people no matter what level of physical fitness or martial arts experience they have. Her instruction style is fun, informative and effective. She has a strong and substantial martial arts knowledge base that she is able to translate into an easy program for participants of all ages.  I’ve worked with her for years at Close Quarter Academy and would work with her again if given the opportunity.

Gabriella Senior

Piroska Bata was such a pleasure to have with me as my Advocate when I went to the doctors. She took the time prior to the appointment to understand what I had been through in the past year and ensured the new doctor realized my full history in order to have the proper tests to find out the root cause of my issue. Being a nurse, she really spoke the doctors language and accomplished much more than I ever could have at the appointment. Piroska was able to convey back to my family exactly what the results of the appointment were, the next steps, and the test that were being done and why. This really gave the entire family and me the assurance that finally things were going in the right direction and I wasn’t being lost in the system without a solution for my issue. I really appreciated her being there with me.