Unique Approach

When you decide to come to Prisca Sensa your first visit will be crucial in determining what direction your therapy will go.

All client information is kept confidential and will only be shared with consent of the client.

Step 1: Complete Holistic Health Assessment™ Questionnaire

Upon your first visit, you will fill out a exclusive Holistic Health Assessment™ Questionnaire that will give a snapshot physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually where you are!

It is a collation of medical/nursing/coaching/NLP/NSP assessment.  If there is a medical issue we can do a nursing/medical assessment and if it requires medical attention we will send you to the appropriate medical professional.

Step 2: Review of Your Assessment Together

Once the Holistic Health Assessment™ Questionnaire is done, during the initial visit we will explore whatever the presenting problem may be and get down to the root cause; once we have eliminated any medical physical issues. Many problem states can be caused by a medical condition, for eg. Vitamin B12 deficiency can be a contributing factor to fatigue.  So can chronic lack of sleep, sleep apnea, and low iodine levels.  We want to ensure that all other physical causes have been investigated and remedied.  We can still work on the issue at hand with hypnosis or coaching.

This will determine the best way to assist you!

Step 3: Creating Your Plan

At this first visit we will explore the different healing modalities offered and which one would fit you best! Hypnosis, Coaching, Energy work or Psychotherapy or all!

You will be taken care of physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Contact Piroska Bata to book an appointment today to start the process.