What I Do

Incorporating over 20 years of experience as a nurse, nurse manager, nursing clinical educator, integrated health therapies, and neuro-linguistic programming to bring you from where you are to where you want to be.

Piroska3I combine studies from ancient wisdoms ( healing modalities, spirituality, energy healing) and modern information from education, workshops, lectures to optimize your personal potential. In plain English I use whatever information is appropriate and do whatever it takes to optimize your potential and reach your goal.

I am passionate in getting down to work with curiosity and wonder. I want to know who are you, your current state and  how did you get here, and how can I help you in the shortest period of time. I want to know what is the most comfortable therapy and modality for you.  Together we create the best plan that fits with your life and your goals.

I push gently and persistently.  I reflect back and voice concerns, however, in the end it is completely up to each individual to be ready to create lasting positive change in their lives with accountability and responsibility.

I believe in smiling, laughter and humor as necessary components of life.

All the work will be home play and all homework will be fun yet will challenge the core of you.

ARE you ready??

Let’s do it!