What is Neuro-Semantic Programming™?

Dr. Dennis Chong and his wife Jennifer Chong are the creators and founders of Neuro-Semantic Programming™ (NSP).

According to Dr. D. Chong and J. Chong:

“The principle of NSP is everything in life hinges on knowledge. In turn, the question is: what is knowledge?

To have knowledge is ‘to know’. Thus, it is only with the requisite knowledge, can one be an architect, accountant, astronomer, doctor, engineer, lawyer, geologist, nuclear physicist. If you do not have it, you cannot be any one of these nor anything else including being humourous. No amount of imagining that you are will do anything.

In ancient Greek philosophy was an entire section for ‘the Study of Knowledge’ named: Epistemology.

So, a person who is a chronic smoker, chronic alcoholic and wife abuser has the knowledge to be so. If you do not have ‘the know’ to be so, you are not so.

Then Dennis and Jennifer Chong discovered the critical importance to:

Study the knowledge about knowledge.

The study of knowledge about knowledge is: Neuro-Semantic Programming™ (NSP).

If one has the knowledge about the knowledge to be a chronic smoker, alcoholic and wife abuser, you can see that it is possible to unravel how one knows the know to be so and cure him of all three problems. For this, NSP therefore, has an incredible reach into matters from human communication to crime . . . and sin. In other words:

In life: Everything is NSP!

For this, NSP is today, the most exciting new field study.”

Who are Dr. Dennis Chong and Jennifer Chong?

Dennis K. Chong & Jennifer K. Chong, have become known as leading authorities in the art of communication, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Neuro-Semantic Programming and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. They have co-authored several books, videotapes and audio cassettes and produced seminars on various topics. Their presentations have been well-received by forums around the world including the U.K., Malaysia, Spain, Australia, Germany, Italy, the U.S.A. and Canada and many of their papers have been published in leading journals. In August of 2001, they were honoured to receive the prestigious Hypnosis Research Award from the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Piroska Bata’s Neuro-semantic Certification:

Neuro-Semantic Programming_NSP

  • NSP Practitioner in Basic Hypnotism/Certified Hypnotherapist, Imdha (International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association), The No Y-ian Institute | 2012-2013
  • Demonstrated mastery over the principles of: NSP Language Systems, Semantics, Ontology, Trace Deepening, Metamentation, Epistemology, Trance Inductions and Ego Strengthening.
  • Piroska has studied since 2008 with Dr. Dennis Chong and Jennifer Chong.

The study of Neuro-semantics requires knowledge of many fields such as the NLP and its extension the Modified Meta Model, Informal logic, and 3 other language systems developed by the Chong’s all of which Piroska has studied.