What is NLP?

Neuro – linguistic programming (NLP) can be broken down to three distinct words: neuro, linguistic and programming.

Neuro refers to our brain and how it functions, how all the physical structures of the brain work together. Neurons send, receive, and store signals that add up to information.

Linguistics refers to the content, both verbal and non-verbal. It specifically looks at the language we use in our speech and how that is manifested in our physical being. This also examines how information flows along our neural pathways by observing eye movements and body language.

Programming is the way the content is processed along these pathways to convert it into useful information. The brain may direct the signal, sequence it, change it based on our prior experience, or connect it to some other experience we have stored in our brain to convert it into thinking patterns and behaviors that are the essence of our experience of life.

The study of Neuro-linguistics includes the Milton Model, Language structures, Eye accessing cues and representational systems.

NLP is information that powerfully transforms thought, behavior and language.

Who uses NLP?

Fortune 500 companies and many professions are using NLP.

What Can NLP Do For You?

  • Take effective action in spite of fear.
  • Behave confidently in any situation.
  • Create positive, pervasive changes.
  • Rapidly acquire skills and strategies.
  • Achieve goals elegantly and easily.

Success is dependent on a person’s ability to communicate with themselves and with others.

NLP is an amazing tool to acquire new behavioral capabilities.

  • NLP is a way to change perceptions of experiences.
  • NLP is a way to control unconscious mind.
  • NLP is “the power tools” in business.
  • NLP is a persuading capability.
  • NLP is skill modeling tools.
  • NLP is rapid learning.
  • NLP is awareness.
  • NLP is creativity.
  • NLP is healing
  • NLP is fun!

Piroska Bata’s NLP Certifications:

Piroska has studied since 2004 with Elizabeth Payea-Butler at and is Certified from NLP Possibilities™ with DHE™ (Design Human Engineering). Elizabeth is the only Master Trainer in NLP with a specialty in DHE™ (Design Human Engineering) designated as such by Dr. Richard Bandler.  Piroska continues to attend monthly skill tune-ups in NLP with Elizabeth.