The products that Prisca Sensa suggest or endorse have been researched and tested making sure we are recommending only the best. As an educator and health care provider Piroska Bata ensure that the recommendations are of high quality and supported by evidenced based information. This simply means products were independently tested and are of high quality and accuracy.


“These products came to my attention due to my mother’s osteoporosis and her inability to take some of the medications. As well her cholesterol was up and down. There was a requirement for increased supplementation as per her specialist. She started to take USANA vitamins and extra calcium, Vitamin D and Biomega ( omega 3 supplement). In the words of her specialist after she went for a follow up after she was taken supplements for over 6 months – he said ‘ keep doing whatever you are doing, its working’ . I personally take them and so does the rest of my family.” ~ Piroska Bata

Many fitness magazines recommend USANA for body builders and performance athletes. Please check out the website for an introduction to the company and philosophy, video endorsements by Olympic athletes and to purchase products online.

Piroska Bata is an official Independent Distributor for USANA products.