Reiki for Self care

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Recently I taught a First Degree Reiki course, where I was pleasantly surprised that one of the students took the course for the purpose of self – healing. Self- care.

I have taught a variety of courses over the past 16 years from self-defence to Reiki to pharmacology for nurses. At the beginning of each course I ask students/ participants ‘why are you here?’ ‘what do you wish to get out of this course?’ I was pleasantly surprised that for the first time more people take healing courses for self- care.

Part of Reiki studies is about self – care. Treatment of self especially after taking First Degree Reiki, students are instructed to perform self – treatment for 21 days. It helps practice, heals the person and strengthens the connection to the universal life force energy for the practitioner.

What is self – care, self – healing? On a basic level I teach all health care practitioners to practice self-care; on a practical note it means, eating a healthy diet, exercise and getting adequate rest. On the psychological, mental health level it also involves mindfulness, cultivating awareness with meditation, being still and getting in touch with our deeper selves at the heart level. This also cultivates intuition and open mindedness in order to be ready to heal others with a clear mind. It is so easy for our thoughts to clutter up with so many things during the day and even when healing and practicing different healing modalities. However, with any energy work we must be open to not only to our own deeper knowing and awareness of our body/mind/spirit, but also that of our clients.

Keeping our thoughts clear and focused as well as open, we are able to separate what belongs to us and what impressions and intuition brings forth about our clients. We treat and assess at the same time in Reiki – and there is a requirement that we know what is our own thought pattern and what are impressions of the person we are treating. Being at peace and still facilitates this process with universal love in our hearts and minds.

The best way to start cultivating stillness, mindfulness and awareness is creating a routine practice of self care, meditation and prayer. It is also important to remember the spiritual principles of compassion, respect, love and peace towards all living things and oneself. This will create an openness to a deeper knowing of ourselves as we unfold layers of being. Reiki self – care can aid in attaining healing and also to breathe in all that comprises awareness of our selves and how we can uncover our blocks to healing and growing. This can be a beautiful practice to affirm oneself and show self love, gentleness, forgiveness and allow personal growth on levels we may have not realized were possible.

So if you ever thought of taking Reiki for the sake of self- care and self-healing, you may get more than you imagined. Start your journey to self-knowledge, self-love and self-worth by learning how to use Reiki to heal and care for yourself.