Reiki-1Reiki is a gentle healing modality where the practitioner allows Universal Life Force energy to come through their hands to the client to facilitate healing, relaxation and experience overall well-being. Piroska was introduced to energy work or hands on healing while studying Nursing at McMaster University, one of her Professors was conducting research in Therapeutic Touch. She was intrigued by the idea that we can use our hands to help patients without using medications of any other interventions.

After graduating and receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Piroska completed Therapeutic Touch Level 1 and 2 within the first two years of practicing as an RN.  In the following 15 years Piroska took Therapeutic Touch all 3 levels twice through Sheridan College and Hamilton Civic Hospitals. She was introduced to Reiki and took all three degrees and became a Reiki Master Teacher.  She used all her knowledge and experience on the Therapeutic Touch committee through professional practice to help write policies for TT and Reiki practitioners to practice at the bedside when patients and their families requested it.


While working as an RN in a Burn Trauma unit, Cardio-vascular Intensive Care Unit and a Neuro-Trauma/Surgical ICU she used Therapeutic Touch and then Reiki on patients with their consent. She also used this opportunity to educate other health care professionals about the benefits of Reiki and was requested to use her skill to help patients who were in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit.

Piroska then further studied other modalities out of interest and also to be able to offer these services to her clients. She studied The Yuen method and Biogenesis, she practices both as well in combination with Therapeutic Touch and Reiki. Piroska has been also part of Reiki Circles, Yuen method healing practice groups and practiced with a Buddhist group Vipassana meditation.  She continues to practice ‘Become the Medicine’, a healing modality developed by Sandra Ingram and practices Shamanic Journeying in Healing Circles to continue to grow.  She has studied mediumship and is a Medical Intuitive.

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