Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy


PsychotherapyAs an RN Psychotherapist, Piroska Bata uses therapeutic techniques from various disciplines such as psychology, counselling, neuro-linguistics, and neuro-semantics to identify and define what the clients problem state is and what the best choice of therapy is. She can help with anxieties, phobias, relationship challenges, fears, crisis (health, career, relationship). This may involve writing, music, poetry or simply conversation. Each person is unique in how information and feelings are expressed.


hypnosisHypnosis has the ability to quiet the mind to find answers to solutions. As well, be more open to suggestions to change behaviours such as to stop smoking or eating when one is full.

Hypnosis is effective for the following conditions:

  • Relaxation
  • Stop Smoking
  • Loose excess weight
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias ( fear of dentist, fear of flying)
  • Improve Performance: athletic performance, study better/faster, more organised
  • Confidence
  • Improve confidence in public speaking

Helping you with:

  • Phobia/Fears such as flying, Dentist
  • Addictions, smoking, food drugs
  • Motivation towards Goals
  • Academic
  • Athletic Performance
  • Pain Management
  • Pregnancy Child Birth
  • Self Esteem Confidence
  • Anxiety inner Conflict

Frequent Asked Questions about Hypnosis

What does a consultation involve and how long will to take?

You will require approximately 60 minutes of your time. Your initial appointment is strictly a consultation and assessment after which further appointments will be decided upon.

Does Hypnosis really work?

Yes. In fact, sometimes the results can be dramatic. However, there are many variables involved in the final outcome of therapy. These include a person’s own desire for change, the skill of the operator, the client’s personal history, current stress-factors etc. Each person’s case is unique – even though there may appear to be ‘likeness’, i.e. two people with migraine headaches.

Will I be put out – or to sleep?

One of the major misconceptions about hypnosis is that people will lose conscious awareness. In hypnosis, the subject is alert and aware of everything at all times and hears everything the hypnotherapist says. While consciousness is entirely suspended in natural sleep, it is definitely present in hypnosis.

Can people be made to do odd and crazy things?

If you have witnessed stage hypnosis you may have perceived that the hypnotist’s commands were irresistible. It is important to remember that the stage hypnotist is an entertainer which is very different to the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Will I be in control?

Yes, very definitely. The ability to be hypnotized is a subjective experience. Most experts agree that all hypnosis is ‘self-hypnosis’. Although the hypnotherapist guides and develops the hypnotic state, the ability to be hypnotized rests within the subject who is always in control.

Can I become stuck in a hypnotic state?

There is no danger of this occurring. Since the subject holds the control, terminating the hypnotic state is easily done.