Healthcare Consulting

Piroska BataPiroska Bata has been a nurse, nurse manager, clinical nursing instructor and health care educator in various Hospitals, Universities, Colleges and clinics throughout Canada for more than twenty-three years.  She has gained knowledge on what works best for success and shares this with her consulting services. Prisca Sensa offers a variety of nurse consulting services including Health Care Education, Private Health Care Patient Consulting and Patient Information Advocacy.


Health Care Education

educationProviding courses in Integrative Health Studies for healthcare professionals to understand how to integrate different modalities from different disciplines into their practice. Demonstrating models where complimentary and allopathic practitioners worked together in sync to provide excellent patient care with better than expected outcomes. This is where East meets West and West meets East.

Jan10-Humber[1]Providing program development and delivery of postgraduate courses for healthcare professionals with private career colleges and educational institutions in the following topics:

  • Interprofessional communication
  • IV Therapy and Phlebotomy
  • Advanced Pharmacology
  • Advanced Physical Assessment for RN/RPNs
  • Nursing Procedures


Private Health Care Patient Consulting and Patient Information Advocacy

Patient AdvocacyA specialized private service developed in recognition for the need for more clarity in diagnosis, what choices patients have and what type of services are available. It is also developed to assist both families and patients, have all their questions answered and assist at doctors appointments with emotional support, patient/family education and ensure all appointments tests were explained, clarified and followed up.

This private service is for those clients who are undergoing new diagnoses or are searching for answers with unexplained problems with no results. We ensure all information is confidential and family and patient is fully educated on what is happening and what tests, appointments and services they have been investigated with and how to proceed forward in cases when no clear answers emerge, We are there to support clients and families find balance with emotional support and education. We advocate for clients, patients rights and how to navigate through the health care system.

Our consultants are Nurse Practitioners with pediatrics background, RN Professors, Senior Nurses with extensive teaching and practical experience.

This is a specialized and individualised service for each patient and family to suit their own unique requirements.  We come to you home to do an assessment and then attend doctors appointments and do follow up education.

Contact us so we can customise our service to you needs!