Integrative Health Speaker

Health and Wellness Speaker | Business Motivation Speaker | Inspirational Speaker

Piroska_signPiroska Bata blends her unique background of Healthcare, wellness, holistic health, integrated therapies, business and over 23 years as an educator in Universities and Colleges, to transform business and employees through her powerful inspirational talks to both large and small groups.

Each of these topics are delivered in a power hour format for optimal retention and outstanding results.

A few of the popular ’power hour’ one hour talk topics include:

  • Integrative Health Care -Do you know what your clients really want? ( East meets West, West meets East)
  • Practical Applications of Ethical Dilemmas for EMS, Nursing, Medicine
  • Cultural competence during crises (EMS, Medicine, Nursing)
  • Advocacy – Who are we here for anyway? 
  • What is your North Star? (Do you dream big enough) 
  • What is the precious jewel in the lotus of your heart? (What is YOUR special talent)