flipchart_newOffering a variety of workshops for integrative healthcare, EMS,  career, ethics and core values. We also work with clients to design specific workshops based on their needs. All the workshops are designed and lead by Piroska Bata.


Mentoring concept in word tag cloudIntroduction to Mentorship and Coaching at Work

This workshop is designed to introduce your team to mentorship and coaching. This is customized to each industry, eg health care team, marketing group or EMS personnel. Through group exercises your team will be able to discover…. Read More


Nursing_Graduate_Job-Search_for_SuccessNursing Graduates Job Search for Success

This is a four hour workshop to get you started on your way to find that job after graduation. This will include…Read More


Holistic approach mind body and soulUse of Complimentary Medicine in Hospitals/Clinics (benefits and pitfalls)

East meets West, Old Meets New, Wisdom Meets Technology

How to integrate all aspects of healing with evidenced practice

Integration of Allopathic Medicine with Complimentary Medicine is a daunting task. In this worship we’ll explore…Read More


ethics word cloudClinical Solutions for Ethical Dilemmas for EMS and Health Care Practitioners

This workshop is designed to be experiential in nature. Ethical models are presented and in groups actual scenarios are played out using those models. Values, beliefs, spirituality, religion, culture, and orthodoxy of these is explored. In this workshop you will learn how to…Read More


Patient_Advocacy_ImagePatient Advocacy Workshop

Become a Health Advocate for Youself and Your Loved One

The idea for this workshop came from years of working as a Registered Nurse, Nurse Manager and Clinical Educator – as well as looking after a parent with a debilitating injury….Read More


Please Contact our office for further information about how we can customize our workshops for you team.