Use of Complimentary Medicine in Hospitals/Clinics (benefits and pitfalls)

East meets West, Old Meets New, Wisdom Meets Technology

Holistic approach mind body and soul

How to integrate all aspects of healing with evidenced practice

Integration of Allopathic Medicine with Complimentary Medicine is a daunting task. In this worship we’ll explore:

  • Knowledge and classification of different therapies both physical, energetic and spiritual are presented.
  • The different uses and appropriate applications is discussed.
  • Required certifications and safety/precautions for patients and practitioners explored.
  • Sample and actual policies/procedures/protocols use in specific uses/situations is shared as success stories.
  • Research will be presented throughout workshop to highlight proper use or demonstrate inappropriate applications.

This is a fun exploration into integration and serious work to be fiscally responsible and improve the quality of the client/patient experience.

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